User information bot (Click to Conversation)

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020

In today’s high tech world, where everything is automated at a high pace and all the information is available just a click away, it becomes essential to match the speed when it comes to supporting your own employees. Using ChatGen, you can completely automate this process and make it easier for the employee in a most conversational and interactive way.        

Using ChatGen’s information bot, your employees can update all their basic details by choosing from the list of tasks like requesting pay-slips, updating details, applying for leaves, etc. In simple terms, the bot will act as a virtual assistant of the HR, and will be available 24*7.

The employees can simply use the bot to check leave balances or leave approval, if an employee wants to disclose his investment for taxation, even that detail can be captured by the bot using webhook and API’s. All these data can be stored and fetched from the organisation database. 

It’s not only about updating and checking the information but also a new dialog flow can be created for taking the feedback from the employees regarding the managers, policies or any other employee that too in a conversational way without capturing the name or any other details of the employee. A different bot can be created where if someone has to blow the whistle regarding an issue in the organisation, it can be captured. This can be monitored on a daily basis and in the case of some serious issue, it can also be routed to LIVE CHAT with the concerned team or directly to HR.

Bot Display

A. As a Landing Page

When we speak of an assistant that should be available 24*7 to all your employees, then it should be available for the employees at a click. ChatGen gives you the option of Landing page, all you have to do is share the URL of your HR bot with your employees, this can be done via email, SMS, slack or some other medium. As soon as the employee clicks on the URL, he/she will be routed to the landing page where they can engage with the chatbot for their issues/requirement related to the HR.


Similar landing page can be used differently to take the feedback of the employees. Automating these basic processes and making it easier and faster for the employee makes a very good impact and also helps HR.


B. As a ChatGen Link

Not only CLP, but there are other features using which you can help your employees to get into a conversation and do the needful via ChatGen; consider a scenario where one of your employees is having some issues and  he/she wants to raise a complaint regarding the same. For such cases mailing your managers is always an option but what if change the way? Using ChatGen link feature, you can make a button on your employee portal and a dialog flow can be linked to the button making it easier for your employees to have a chat with the bot and engage directly with the HR or the concerned team if needed.


Recruitment Bot

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020

When it comes to recruitment, it becomes very difficult to sort the applications as per the profile. ChatGen can make this process a bit easier for the HR by asking a set of questions referring to the eligibility criteria, to applicants who are applying via ChatGen. These applicants can submit their resumes under the available designation, and the candidates who are not eligible can submit their resume under another title, making it easier for the HR to sort the applications.

A different bot flow can be created for an exit interview, HR can ask a set of questions related to resignation and then decide whether or not to conduct the physical exit interview.

Bot Display

A. On Website Widget

Speaking of a bot, your career page can be a good option to have a recruitment bot. ChatGen allows you to use different bot on different pages, using this feature you can have a different bot on your organisation’s career webpage. The bot will be displayed in the form of widget, asking appropriate questions to the candidates chatting with the bot. Giving an option to submit the resume as per requirement.

B. As a Landing page

Career page is the inbound source, many times we also post openings for few designations on LinkedIn or some other channels. In the same post you can use ChatGen’s CLP feature. All you have to do is paste the URL for the landing page of the bot having questions related to the opening. CLP is just a way on how the bot can be available to the user; flow and the set of questions can always be modified as per the requirement.

C. As a ChatGen link

If you do not have a career page and just have a  career button on your website which redirects the candidate to a web form asking for basic details and collecting resumes in general. Using ChatGen Link feature, you can link the career button of your website to a bot, clicking on the button a bot will appear in the form of widget having a set of questions defined by the HR or the team member.


ChatGen Through Your Sales Funnel

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020

When we look at the growth of marketing and sales, we find out that the popular sales funnel or the process through which the potential prospects go through while making the important buying decisions is definitely an essential part of your sales development and progress. Although the fundamentals of the sales funnel still remain the same, quite a few of the strategies which marketers make use of in order to make possible the lead movement through the funnel have seen some difference.
Although you may encounter different definitions of sales funnel yet the phases and stages that are the most common ones are :

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

“The core value of is to drive this inbound sales funnel journey with minimum response cycle duration”.

1. Attention

This stage in the sales funnel is where customers find out about the company’s product or service. The customers reach this stage via social media, emails, internet, TV ads, etc.

How can ChatGen help you at the attention stage?

A. Conversational Landing Pages

ChatGen can help you build customized and beautiful conversational landing pages using ChatGen’s intuitive bot builder that you can use for your campaigns through different marketing channels like email, SMS, social media etc. You can also test and measure with various different flows and understand which botflow works for your lead generation. The same can be used to collect feedback and also incorporate these ratings to your NPS or any performance metrics internally or externally. For more information on ”˜Testing your bot flows’, please click here.

B. Embed your bot

You can also embed your conversational landing pages in your blog pages or also into your ads to reduce your drop rates drastically.

C.  Facebook Messenger bot

Facebook pages enjoy massive traffic and converting that traffic to leads and eventually to customers will mean a huge deal. ChatGen does this for you using the latest Messenger Integration. Using ChatGen’s bot builder, you can get started with your messenger bot within no time. It eases the process of leads collection through Facebook messenger. Please click here for detailed messenger integration using ChatGen Platform.

2. Interest

This is the second stage of the sales funnel in which the lead starts showing interest in the company’s products and services offered. They would like to inquire more information regarding the services either on the website or through emails. Interest stage can decide whether the visitor will be your potential customer or not. Hence the conversion needs to be quick and effective. 

The core of ChatGen platform is to drive your site visitors from interest stage in your funnel to Decision stage. The following set of features will drastically improve the response cycle of this stage.

A. Personalized messages

Nothing makes a user feel happy more than a personalized approach and hence ChatGen stores the data of your leads and whenever he/she returns to your website, ChatGen’s bot greets them with their name. For example, ”˜Hi Tom, thanks for visiting us again, how can I help you?’. This way you can make sure that the user feels appreciated, gets engaged with the chat widget and you also get the desired output.

B. Custom bots with Intelligent Routing 

As website traffic keeps increasing, it becomes difficult to manage every visitor by a limited number of people. Custom bots’ intelligent routing can help you sort this out. Since every visitor could have a set of generic queries and some unique queries. Initial bot can help with the generic queries from the site visitors 24/7 and can route to the desired agent from the desired department with intelligent routing based on his/her available hours. For example, the sales related questions will be routed to the person in the sales department and technical queries will be routed to another, this way ChatGen makes sure that the customer gets the solutions that he/she is looking for 24/7.

C. Booking Demos

If you’re providing an online service or a SaaS product the visitors expect a demo of the services and with ChatGen you can completely automate that process and fill your agent’s calendars with meets. Whenever a user wants to book a demo to understand your product better, he/she can just select a date and time from your agent’s calendar. This can be done by integrating your agent’s calendar with ChatGen and it will show the visitor all the available slots to choose from. This way the user gets to select the time convenient to them and once the meeting is fixed, a notification is sent to both the user and the agent reminding them about the meeting. The corresponding agent shall be notified with all the information about the user activity on mail as soon as the meet gets confirmed.

D. Integration of ChatGen with Email Marketing Services like Mailchimp and also CRMs

Email marketing has created a huge wave across the digital markets and if you are a user of such services like mailchimp to interact with your leads then you can also use the links of Landing pages to make sure that the user gets to interact with the mail. All you have to do is add the link to it and ChatGen’s bot will take care of the rest.

Having popular CRMs are part of the businesses now and ChatGen allows you to integrate the data with them in a few clicks. Popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshsales, etc. can be integrated to ChatGen. Additionally if you have a custom or inbuilt CRM, they can be easily integrated as well through ChatGen APIs.  Now even if you don’t have a CRM we’ve got you covered, all the details of your leads will be available on our dashboard which you can access anytime. ChatGen makes sure that all your lead details are secured and saved.

E. Click to Conversation and Context Based Flows

Since a web page has multiple types of information we can build multiple bot for such types of scenarios. Let’s take an example to understand Click to Conversation. Consider a pricing page where there are options like connect to support, book a demo, etc. Here when a visitor clicks on connect to support a different bot will pop up and when they click on book a demo another flow would pop up, similarly more flows can be used for different scenarios. The same is valid for URLs as well. This makes sure that the user is interacting with the most appropriate flow for maximum results.

3. Decision

The third stage is the decision making phase in which the consumers make a decision of going ahead and making a purchase from that particular company. In order to help consumers take the decision many marketers understand the potential leads based on the information on activities done by the leads in their previous stages and recommend content accordingly to take the final decision.

ChatGen provides a lot of information about the user to understand and recommend the content accordingly.

A. Lead information

Lead captured through the chat widget will also capture a lot of other information about the user and all the user information can be accessed by the agents and admin. We divide the information into three segments.

1. User default info: We store the user default information like email, phone number, browser name, device type and OS name. We also collect the company details based on the email ID (using clearbit).

2. User custom attributes: We can store specific input given by the user during the conversation. For example, his/her company name, the kind of solution he/she is looking for and category, etc.

3. User Geo attributes: Based on the IP address, we store different location attributes of the user.

4. User UTM attributes: Different user UTM attributes are stored and are also updated accordingly.

B. Lead journey and conversation links

1. The complete journey of the visitor shall be displayed with respect to the time of the event in a flow. Agents can get an overview by understanding this journey.

2. Share the lead conversation using links and email notifications. Agents can check their lead’s conversation using the conversation link. Agents can also search and filter data using different filters to understand the conversations and leads better.

4. Action

Action is the final stage of the sales funnel in which the customer conducts an action which the company desires. This action is nothing but a customer making a purchase. During this stage a human salesperson steps in to make the purchase happen. But in cases where the purchase is a small one even the chatbot can let the customer purchase their desired product or service.

Make Use Of ChatGen & See Your Business Flourish

The goal of ChatGen is to help businesses organizations automate the sales process as much as possible and we take pride in being able to provide a successful solution. For more information regarding the pricing and features please check our website (ChatGen).


Conversational Landing Pages on your own Web Page

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020

Conversational Landing pages are mostly used with promotional campaigns where you click on a particular link and the CLP gets displayed on the new window but it is not just limited to that, you can use these CLP in your web pages as well. You can embed the CLP in the web page you desire and make sure the visitor chats with the bot.


A. Embed your bot to the website

Embedding your bot is a 5-step process. Have a look at the steps below:

1. Select the Dialogue from the list with which you want it to be embedded.

2. Click on share, where you’ll find two options:

– Full Screen (CLP)

– Embedded

3. Click on Embedded and provide the height and width which you want your bot to be. This can be provided in percentages as well as pixels.


4. Scroll down to the bottom where you can edit the styling like the color of the background, color of the response messages, etc.


5. Once you have completed the above steps, all you have to do is copy the code snippet by clicking on ”˜Copy Script’ which is there on the right side of the share page, and paste it inside the <body> tags of your html/php page.


B. Using GTM (Google Tag Manager) to install

Lots of companies nowadays heavily use Google Tag Manager to track the details of web snippets. ChatGen code can also be installed using GTM. With a few simple steps you’ll be able to start tracking. Have a look at our blog or ”˜click here’ for more details.


C. Integrate GA

The Analytic service offered by google provides website analytics such as the number of visitors, the source from where they are being generated, details of the promotion campaigns, etc. 

To integrate ChatGen to your Google Analytics all you have to do is copy the tracking ID and paste it in ChatGen.

Once you’ve copied the Tracking ID of the website that is to be integrated, login to your ChatGen account and follow the steps as given below-

Step 1: In the ChatGen dashboard, click on ”˜Integrations’ under settings.


Step 2: Select Google Analytics from the options and click on ”˜Connect’.


Step 3: There you’ll find an option to post your tracking ID. Paste it there and click on save.


The integration is complete. Now all your details will be sent to Google Analytics and you can find the details in your GA dashboard. 


D. Measure your flows

ChatGen collects all the data from each of your nodes to give you a detailed view on how your flow is performing. If a visitor starts chatting with the bot and it does not complete the flow then the visitor will be called a drop-off. ChatGen provides you with information like how many people have gone through a particular node while chatting and how many have dropped off. This allows us to understand how the flow is working and where the changes need to be made for the bot to capture more and more leads.


An in-depth knowledge about how this can be used further for your advantage can be found in this ”˜Testing your bot workflows with ChatGen’ blog.


E. Leads & UTM parameters

A lead is someone who has provided their email ID and ChatGen dashboard provides all the important details like how many conversations have happened, number of leads collected, meetings booked, etc. This analysis gives you a detailed idea about on how the bot is performing.


UTM parameters

When a lead is collected, along with it, lots of other information such as Custom attributes, Geo attributes, etc. are also collected. It provides information like the geographic location of the user. Along with these, it’s possible to create custom attributes and provide it in the flow, where once the user enters the appropriate data, it is collected and stored in the respective custom attribute which will be visible to you from your dashboard. The below image provides a visual description of how the UTM parameters would look.


Customer Support bot

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020


Customer support is the backbone of any e-commerce website, in this highly service dominant society it is a necessity to make sure the customer process  is as seamless as possible and even more important to take care of the after sales service. 

From the point of booking till the point of delivery, the user has a lot of queries like your user may need status of delivery, modes of payment, request for a custom date and normal FAQs and chatbot can help you curb them. You can set all the common questions and their answers making sure those are answered and the customer’s issues are solved. 

ChatGen allows you to have different chatbots on different web pages. Your support page can have a different bot and your products page can have a different bot. This is easily achievable by creating more than one dialogue flows and integrating them to your page. If a customer reaches the support page, details like terms and conditions, shipping details, etc. can be produced in a conversational way.


If the customer still has some complex queries  and it needs your expert advice then the Live chat function will help you take care of it, where the customers will be redirected to your agents where they can freely chat and solve their remaining complex queries making sure they receive the best customer service.


Bot display

A. On website widget

With everything going international and people visiting a website from all over the world it has become a necessity to be available every time to boost our sales. It becomes difficult to be present 24*7 hence the chatbot will help to do it.

ChatGen’s bot will be on your website engaging your customers and routing them to their requirements accordingly making sure they have a great shopping experience. ChatGen collects leads and assists your visitors even while you sleep, making it an asset for your website.


B. As a Landing page

A customer can come to your from anywhere in the world anytime so it becomes very important for an assistant to be available 24*7. ChatGen provides you with the option of Landing pages, where they will be routed to a particular landing page on clicking the link and they can engage with the chatbot for all the support and other requirements.


C. On Website Embedded

A good promotion always manages to catch the attention of a viewer, what if it’s possible to capture even more attention by starting a conversation on a click?

Blogs, promotional posts have become vital in this digital world hence ChatGen has come up with an Embed bot to take charge in such situations. On your promotional blogs, conversations will be done according to the specific flow you have created managing to draw their attention towards your service and engaging them in a conversation.


D. On Facebook Messenger

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Facebook carries an enormous traffic and and a good conversion of visitors to leads could mean a very successful story. A lot of visitors reach a company page and browse through the products, yet most of them never buy due to the lack of interaction. ChatGen takes care of this issue. Integrating the bot in a Facebook page would mean whenever a user enters your page it would start interacting with them and give all the information a user needs making sure that they are being personally addressed along with collecting all the information you need.


Product Search and purchase bot

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020


In an ecommerce website where tons of items are available it becomes difficult for a user to get what they are looking for and so it’s important for us to make their process as comfortable as possible. ChatGen can ask a predetermined set of questions thereby directing the user to a specific set of products and letting them have the option to choose for themselves. 

Your user does not have to go through the non interactive interface as they can directly use the chatbot to find the products of their desire. When a customer enters your website the chatbot will start the conversation with a greeting message and asks them what they’re looking for along with the button options like books, mobiles, jewellery, etc. Now when the user clicks on a button the bot will move to the next set of questions, here let’s consider the user decides to go with mobiles, once the mobiles button is clicked it then asks questions like the system requirements, iOS or Android, now if the user clicks on iOS then they’ll be asked for the ram and few more requirements, once there’s enough details the bot will display phones which have satisfied all the previous conditions and makes sure the user gets the list of those mobiles to choose from.


Conversational Landing Pages to improve your PPC

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020

In this highly digital world where everything is available at a click, expecting a user to fill out forms and collect details are outdated. A user naturally expects the same when they land on a PPC campaign and a chatbot does exactly this for you. Talking to a smart chatbot is like conversing with a human and that’s why chatbot-based landing pages get high engagement rate that eventually leads to a high conversion rate.  Conversational platforms are used to increase traffic for a successful PPC campaign at a very low cost.

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A huge benefit that conversational landing pages have over traditional web-forms is that they are the best fit to answer general queries of the visitors and educate them regarding a product or service. Chatbots can be created in a highly goal oriented way to get the results we require . If a visitor disconnects between a conversation, chatbots can ask and save the user details which can be used to reach out to them while these can also give an insight of where the visitors are dropping off.

A PPC campaign can be a hit or miss depending upon the personalization. Chatbots have the power to converse like a human and make it a seamless process for the visitor because when you approach visitors in a more human way as it becomes easier for them to answer using buttons and boost a PPC campaign. In a generation where almost every age group use chatting apps, you having a conversational landing page the customer will know exactly what to do.


Embedded Bot to Optimise Click To Action

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020


You can embed a bot on your website, on your blog page etc. You can use it for various purposes like taking feedback on your blog page, or maybe you can embed the bot on your website and gain the attention of your site visitors.


A blog is an online journal to explain our products/services, an online way to express our thoughts for something that can help others. Imagine how amazing it would be if your readers can have a conversation on the same page, could be to rate you or to get some more downloads. ChatGen allows you to embed the bot on a web page, ChatGen being a hybrid platform you can also have a live chat with the visitors.

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You can embed the bot anywhere on the web page. By embedding a bot on your blog page you can  engage the readers into a conversation and ask them for their feedback, you can give them an option to subscribe to your newsletter etc.

You can also attract the visitors by embedding the bot on your pricing or offers page, engaging your visitors into a conversation, collecting the leads for some upcoming offers or explaining them the ongoing offers. In turn increasing the probability of conversion.


Check the blogs

Steps for Embedding a bot:

Once you create your account on ChatGen and construct the flow that you are planning to embed, you just have to follow a few steps.

  1. Select the dialog from the dialog list that you want to Embed.
  2. Click on share, on the share page you can see two options
    • Full Screen (CLP)
    • Embedded
  3. Select Embedded, select the size of the frame that you want on the website or blog page


  1. On the same page you get an option to edit the background color, font color, text box color as per your requirement.


  1. Once you are done editing, all you have to do is copy the script which is there on the right side of the share page, and paste it inside the <body> tags of your html/php page.



Conversational Ads to optimise CTR

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020


We have heard a lot about having the bot on a website, using it on our social media accounts and other marketing platforms to engage the visitors into a conversation. Well, that’s not all, imagine engaging the visitors on Google advertisement into a conversation and helping them understand the product by giving the details of the product that they clicked on the ad, in a conversational way. All you have to do to achieve this is to embed the bot in the ad space.

Let your advertisements interact with the users without taking to another new landing page and get better engagement from the users. With conversational ads you can connect with your users in real-time, drive helpful engagement and scale seamlessly.

 Imagine an automobile company launching a new car and want people to test drive it. Rather than taking the user to different landing page, the ad can interact and give basic details about the car, book a test drive with respect to the location and sales person in that store being notified about it in no-time.

The value and engagement of the users with the brand will be immensely high.


Case study:


Hockey curve, a re-marketing company wants to promote the new launches of Flipkart in India. They have the idea on how their CPC is going to vary. They want to optimize CPC much more for better performance of the ad.


Every re-marketing company will have data about the user on clicks, purchases etc and they make implicit decisions based on the previous engagement of the user. If we can make these implicit assumptions more explicit, like a user giving data on what he wants, then they can show them more relevant products. The problem has toned down to showing best or top 4 or 5 products as per the user needs instead of all 20 launches. Using ChatGen platform they have built a small flow which filters the phones based on budget, camera or performance preference.


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  1. Login using your credentials on
  2. Go to dialogs and create a new bot
  3. Use question nodes to construct the initial flow to grab user information 
  4. Once you are done with the question nodes and message nodes, drag a goal at the end and save it with a name ”˜goal_reached’
  5. When the dialog has collected the designed information from the user, it reaches the dialog goal ”˜goal_reached’
  6. Chatgen integration has a registered webhook for the ”˜goal_reached’ event. The app is notified that the ”˜goal_reached’ dialog goal has been reached
  7. The service then queries the contact involved in the conversation using the Lead API, and retrieves the saved answers to the questions designed
  8. After doing the logic to display the products as per the given information, the app then sends a message using ”˜send message’ api to the site visitor with the products information

P.S – For ”˜Lead’ and ”˜send message’ APIs refer our API documentation


Insurance quote calculators

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020


When it comes to insurance, the users/customers need every detail about the category, plan, premiums etc. Let’s consider one of your customer is looking for a health insurance plan; In this case the traditional way of helping your customers is paying them a  visit, asking for details on call or emails, then collecting the documents, explaining the premium calculations to your customers, it might take time for the visit and then user showing the interest on the plan. Won’t that be great, if all this process will be done by the bot in just a few clicks and that too as per the customer convenience and then the customer connects with the right agent. ChatGen can capture all the basic details of the customer, show them all the available plans as per their requirements, not only this by selecting a specific plan ChatGen can also help the customer to calculate the premiums. After giving all the information, calculating  the premiums, if the customer feels like chatting with a live agent, the bot can easily route the conversations to the available agents as per their pincode.


Also ChatGen gives an option to book meetings; ChatGen can be integrated to your agents Google calendar or Office 365 calendar and your customers can book meetings as per their convenience and as per your agents availability. ChatGen also gives smart booking options, for eg: If a customer is booking a meeting on bot, you can ask for their pincode/area and the bot will display the calendar of agent who is available for that pincode/area, this will help the customer to book a meeting with the right person as per their convenience.

Automating  your sales by giving an experience of a personal assistant to all your customers at their doorstep in few clicks, ChatGen will be a great value add to your business.


Bot display

A. As a Widget

ChatGen is a great assistant for your website, walking them through all your products and services, providing support to your existing customers, capturing leads etc. Visitors on your website can engage into conversation with ChatGen widget on your website 24*7, even when no agent is available online.


B. As a Landing page

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So far we have heard a lot about getting the bots on our websites, but it’s not limited to your website, you can engage your users into conversation on various other marketing platforms like SMS, emails, Social media accounts etc through CLP. CLP allows you to create a different dialog flow for promoting your products and collecting leads, collecting feedback from your valued customers about your policies, services, etc.


C. On Website Embedded

Promotions require getting the attention of the potential customer hence promotional pages or blogs becomes extremely important, ChatGen allows a way to get leads even through these platforms.ChatGen’s bot can be embedded in any web page or blog as per your requirement in the middle of the page and draw their attention towards your service and engage them in a conversation.


D. On Facebook Messenger

Facebook carries an enormous traffic and and a good conversion of visitors to leads could mean a very successful story. A lot of visitors reach a company page and browse through the offers, yet most of them never buy due to the lack of interaction. ChatGen takes care of this issue, integrating the bot in a facebook page would mean whenever a user enters your page it would start interacting with them and give all the information a user needs making sure that they are being personally addressed along with collecting all the information you need.