Lead generation

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020


A visitor who comes to your website looking for your product or service should be engaged right from the start on all possible queries. Consider your marketing team puts in all their efforts to make sure that people are coming to your website and still the lead generation isn’t satisfactory. ChatGen takes care of this for you; the bot would be able to talk to every visitor and all of your visitors would be able to find answers that they came for thereby collecting leads and giving them a personalized touch. In case they want to connect to a LIVE agent, the bot can right away connect to a specific agent based on the need.


Apart from lead generation ChatGen takes care of your CRM requirements, if your website doesn’t have a CRM ChatGen collects and stores all the data in the dashboard. An agent would be able to access it anytime anywhere just by logging in. Now if you happen to have a CRM, ChatGen can integrate the data for you and make sure that all the details you need are stored in your CRM.

Let’s take an example for you to understand how a lead generation would work, a visitor reaches your website and is going through your service, now the lead generation bot would start the chat with a greeting message making the user feel personalized, now the bot would continue to the conversation asking how it can help them and giving the options such as ”˜learn more’ about your product, book a meeting, get a demo and many more according to your requirement.


Now consider the user has decided to learn more about the product, the details of the product will be displayed and along with the options like book a meeting, schedule a callback, etc. Once the user clicks on any of those options you can route the bot accordingly to ask for their name, email ID and any more details you’re interested in.

Now consider your user still wants to know more about the product then that’s where the hybrid nature comes to the rescue;the LIVE chat function is used here. When a visitor has more queries and needs to talk more, then they can be routed to an agent from your team making sure that they get all the details and also you can directly ask them for more information if you need any. This function is making sure that the customer gets what they want and also you collect all the required details from them.


The lead generation is better than the traditional techniques here because the user is treated with a personal touch and it’s made sure that they get all the information they need before going forward and finally making sure that their details are being asked making them feel natural.


Bot display

A. As a Widget

ChatGen adds great value to your business, automating  your sales and being a great assistant for your website. Even if there’s a need for you to have different conversations on different web pages, ChatGen allows you to create more than one bot which you can integrate into your web page easily, making sure that your conversations can be unique on different pages.


B. As a Landing page

Along with websites it’s possible to engage your visitors into conversations on various marketing platforms. The Conversational Landing Page ”˜CLP’ feature of ChatGen  allows us to create a different dialogue flow for promoting your products and collecting leads.

You can engage your users even on marketing platforms like SMS, emails and social media accounts, etc. All your traffic on various platforms can be engaged in a conversation collecting data and feedback from your customers about the services.


C. On Website Embedded

Promotions require getting the attention of the potential customer hence promotional pages or blogs becomes extremely important, ChatGen allows a way to get leads even through these platforms. ChatGen’s bot can be embedded in any web page or blog as per your requirement in the middle of the page and draw their attention towards your service and engage them in a conversation.


D. On Facebook Messenger

Facebook carries an enormous traffic and and a good conversion of visitors to leads could mean a very successful story. A lot of visitors reach a company page and browse through the products, yet most of them never buy due to the lack of interaction. ChatGen takes care of this issue by integrating the bot in a Facebook page would mean whenever a user enters your page it would start interacting with them and give all the information a user needs making sure that they are being personally addressed along with collecting all the information you need.

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