Automate your insurance claims with ChatGen’s insurance bot
Provide seamless self-service experience to your customers and also empower your insurance agents

No credit card required


Insurance assistant to help users with the right plan
Help your visitors in finding the best care, home, and health insurance as per their need
  • Recommend plan as per the user
  • Compare plans
  • Discover benefits and coverage
  • Generate huge volumes of leads
  • Book meets with the right insurance agents

Automate claims and support queries and also upsell
With Insurance Claims AI, convert your support centre to a profit centre
  • Provide add-ons like travel, life etc
  • Accept and verify claims
  • Help with insurance coverage conditions

Empower insurance agents to improve productivity
Help your visitors in finding the best care, home, and health insurance as per their need
  • Reduce customer churns using live chat
  • Addressing complex policy concerns
  • Connect to the right agent quickly
  • Addressing delayed claims through agents
  • Instant updation of data into CRM

Best features for a chatbot in insurance industry

Get qualified leads
Qualify your leads 24/7 with the right questions. So that insurance agents can pitch to the most qualified leads first and reduce conversion time cycles drastically

Route to the right agent
Users might be interested in car, home, health insurance etc. Divert the right knowledgable agent as per user’s need, location, coverage plan etc.

Insurance AI
Train your NLP bot with right intents very easily. Also integrate with third party AI document scanner to verify claims automatically. Build AI capabilities with minimal efforts from IT

Are you ready to automate your business processes?

No credit card required


Easy setup

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