Support based bot

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020

Customer support is the backbone of a successful company and an effortless amazing user experience can make your customers continue your services. ChatGen makes it easier for the user by being available as your assistant on your website 24*7 providing support to the visitors, walking them through your products and services, also capturing leads for you.   

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For example: A user comes to your website for the first time and has no idea about the services you provide. On your website it becomes a bit difficult for the visitor to visit different pages for different services and products on your website. Here ChatGen can help the visitors with all this information in a few clicks and that too in a conversational way with personalized chats. If a customer has complex queries then they can be redirected to a live chat making sure all their queries are solved.

ChatGen also gives an option to book meetings as ChatGen can be integrated to your agent’s Google calendar or Office 365 calendar and your customers can book meetings as per their convenience and as per your agents  availability. When a visitor clicks on book a meeting the visitor is shown the agent’s calendar and then they have the option to choose a date and time from the available slots making them have control.

Bot display

A. On Website Widget

ChatGen’s bot collects leads 24*7 making it an important aspect of your business. The option to integrate different dialogue flows on different web pages is an added advantage in collecting leads and providing adequate support.

B. As a Landing Page

Marketing platforms like social media sites, emails, etc are nowadays used heavily to promote all the products and these manage to generate good traffic from all the sources. 

ChatGen’s Conversational Landing Page ”˜CLP’ allows us to create a different flow for engaging visitors and collecting their data and converting visitors into leads. The landing page is specifically designed for such campaigns to improve the engagements.

C. On Website Embedded

A good promotion always manages to catch the attention of a viewer but what if it’s possible to capture even more attention by starting a conversation on a click?

Blogs, promotional posts have become vital in this digital world hence ChatGen has come up with an Embed bot to take charge in such situations. On your promotional blogs, conversations will be done according to the specific flow you have created managing to draw their attention towards your service and engage them in a conversation.

D. On Facebook Messenger

Facebook carries an enormous traffic and and a good conversion of visitors to leads could mean a very successful story. A lot of visitors reach a company page and browse through the products, yet most of them never buy due to the lack of interaction. ChatGen takes care of this issue. Integrating the bot in a Facebook page would mean whenever a user enters your page it would start interacting with them and give all the information a user needs making sure that they are being personally addressed along with collecting all the information you need.