ChatGen – About Us

Our Story
We are a team of 3 co-founders who are always passionate about technology and sci-fi movies. Frustrated from the slow paced, disjointed and long durations to get our things done with various brands like booking an appointment with a specific stylist, finding a shirt of a desired pattern offline, and resolving conflicts regarding the product/service, we wanted to build conversational OS for all the businesses so that the end users can just talk to the website and the OS can get things done within no time. We hence spent 2 years of analysing and understanding the business processes in detail for multiple industries, leading us to build Chatgen, so that businesses can implement, make changes on the fly and deploy virtual assistants as per their need in no-time.
The Vision
For more effective interactions between customers and businesses, we believe in a simple yet elegant solution of automated interactions.
By manifesting the power of automation, we believe we can pave the way towards a technologically sound future by making these interactions efficient, natural and intuitive.
With our sophisticated Natural Language Processing systems and understanding of customer engagement and interaction, we work towards delivering the next generation virtual assistant equipped to cater to all industries.
Our Values
At Chatgen, we believe customer experience is at the heart of any transaction for the business. We work with clients like another internal team who is always present and understands the business context with respect to the present times. We work with these values:
  • We are obsessed with customer satisfaction

  • We work with a metric driven accountability

  • We follow lean principles for any objective

  • We believe in transparency and honesty

Our Team

Co – founder



Graduated from IIM, Suvindh has over 10 years of experience in coding, marketing and operations working in companies like Ranbaxy, Purplle etc before joining Chatgen. Expert in Customer Success, Digital Marketing SEM, Financial and Accounting Operations

Co – founder



A graduate from IIT Bombay, worked as Business Analyst for over an year. Designed product frameworks for more than 15 enterprise solutions before Chatgen. Expert in Sales, Product Management, Data Analysis, Growth, Business Analysis and Market Research

Co – founder



A graduate from IIT Bombay, a tech geek where he can manage any challenge in a structured way to provide the solution has developed websites, Mobile apps for various industries . Expert in Backend and Frontend Stacks, Data Analytics, Deep Learning Apps, Project Management

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