Chatbot for customer services and support
Increase your sales & provide amazing customer service by assisting users everywhere through automated customer support.
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Customer services redefined
Ensure happiness of your customers by meeting the demand of today’s customers need and speed
Answer customer queries 24/7
A dedicated chatbot answering user queries on all channels round the clock with amazing customer satisfaction scores.
Quick response times
Improve your response & resolution time drastically
Boost team productivity
Let the chatbot answer basic queries so that the customer support team can handle complex & important queries
Automated customer support 24/7
Anytime, anywhere, let your customers
  • Track order status
  • Cancel the order
  • Exchange the order
  • Refund status
  • Return the order
Only a fraction of queries-4 to live chat
ChatGen has live chat support where a specific Agent gets connected based on the request made
  • Help with returns, refunds & exchanges
  • Address & Delivery concern
  • Rich features agents
  • Post chat feedback
Also convert every conversation into a sale
Increase your sales by providing a personalized shopping experience based on the users’ past behavior and present context. Make every communication a delightful one
Omni channel platform
Deploy one solution everywhere
AI Chatbot
Understand and train user intents & entities intuitively
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Easy setup