Automate mundane HR tasks using HR chatbot
ChatGen’s HR chatbot automates your basic recruitment tasks and daily employee queries. Let HR team focus on delivering more value to the employee
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faster hiring
reduction in opex
man hours reduced
Recruitment automation
ChatGen’s HR chatbot can automate recruitment tasks and thereby hiring the right talent faster
  • Answer FAQs from the applicants
  • Pre-screening the candidates automatically
  • Automate interview scheduling with the right interviewer
  • Collect and store candidates feedback effectively at one
Onboarding process automation
Make your employee onboarding process seamless and instant
  • Automate complete onboarding process
  • Let the chatbot collect relevant documents
  • Automatically connect to the right manager
Queries automation
Automate regular and repetitive queries from the employees
  • Make Payslip and salary related details easily accessible to your employees
  • Let your employees easily access their leaves details
  • Track attendance seamlessly
  • Automate general and exit feedback from employee
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