Embed Lead generation insurance bots in your ads

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020

In this tech marketing world we spend a lot of money and effort in advertisements.

You will be shocked to know that the people who click on these ads can be engaged into conversations on the same page. Now it can be a great value add to your advertisements where engaging with the customers makes a huge difference.

You can capture leads, collect details, promote your plans, allow your visitor to calculate the premium all this in a conversational way that too on the same page where the visitor watched your Ad. 

You can also give them an option to book meetings with your agents; as their Google and Office 365 calendars can be integrated with ChatGen so the user can select the date and time for the meeting as per their convenience and the availability of the agent for the given pincode.



  1. Login using your credentials on
  2. Go to dialogues and create a new bot
  3. Use question nodes to construct the initial flow to grab user information 
  4. Once you are done with the question nodes and message nodes, drag a goal at the end and save it with a name ”˜goal_reached’
  5. When the dialogue has collected the designed information from the user, it reaches the dialogue goal ”˜goal_reached’
  6. Chatgen integration has a registered webhook for the ”˜goal_reached’ event. The app receives that the ”˜goal_reached’ dialogue goal was reached
  7. The service then queries the contact involved in the conversation using the Lead API, and retrieves the saved answers to the questions designed
  8. After doing the logic to display the plans with the given information, the app then send a message using ”˜send message’ api  to the site visitor with the quotes information

P.S – For ”˜Lead’ and ”˜send message’ APIs refer our API documentation