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Chatbot for real estate agents and realty
Qualify and acquire leads from visitors on your website, Messenger & WhatsApp bot. Also, boost your monthly booking rate.
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Trusted by 500+ businesses
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A companion talking to your visitors 24/7 across platforms
Engage your visitors based on the source and the project page they are on. Collect and qualify users automatically based on your sales criteria.
Book your site visits automatically and intelligently
Integrate calendar of your site representative with the chatbot and increase your monthly booking rate by automatically scheduling site visits 24/7.
Send your desired media automatically to the users
Let the chatbot send desired brochures, media, etc on chat and also if needed mail it to the user directly. Store all the data points of the user and nurture them accordingly
Upgrade to the real estate AI Chatbot
Go live with messenger bots for real estate today
Deploy Whatsapp chatbot to engage users on Whatsapp and also provide instant solution to support queries
Integrate lead data to your CRM very easily
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