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Chatgen’s powerful platform enables companies to launch a bot with
minimum effort and maximum effect.


Sales engagement after the bot vs before the bot


Sales conversion ratio after the bot vs before the bot

Total Cost of Ownership

Using Chatgen vs In-house cost to build
Some of the Best Features

Qualify Leads with Bots

Qualify your leads with the bot 24/7 and route them to the right sales reps to convert these potential prospects to customers

Automatic Scheduling

Chatbot automatically schedules meets with sales representative as per their calendar

Intelligent Routing

Route your best leads to your best performing sales representatives. Routing can happen at any stage based on the bot build construct

Extensive Analytics

Always monitor both the bot and agents performance with our extensive analytics provided on the dashboard

Easy CRM Integration

Quickly integrate with popular CRM platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce and Zapier

Calendar Integration

Fill your calendar with qualifying lead meets and track your calendar to ensure that no sales opportunities are missed

Create a custom plan to fit your scale



500 conversation/ 100 leads / 2 Bot builders

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  • 2 Agents Login

  • Custom Bot Building

  • Campaign Bot Included

  • Calendar Integration

  • Mobile App Access

  • Auto meet Scheduling

  • Capture Attributes for Lead

  • Multiple Business Hours

  • Basic Routing

  • File Attachments


72 USD / monthly

79 USD when billed monthly

5K conversations / 500 leads /
5 Bot builders

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    In addition to Free Package

  • +8 Agents Login

  • CRM Integration

  • Live View

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Smart Booking

  • IP Whitelisting / Blocking

  • Branding can be Removed

business pro

135 USD / monthly

139 USD when billed monthly

20K conversations / 2K leads /
15 Bot builders

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    In addition to Business Package

  • +2 Agents Login

  • Facebook Integration

  • Keyword Module

business elite

359 USD / monthly

150K conversations / Unlimited leads /
15 Bot builders

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    In addition to Business Pro Package

  • Unmask data from Visitors

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