Construct and let the bot generate incomparable amount of leads and a staggering boost to your website traffic conversion rates.
No Credit Card Required*
Empowering 5000+ Business Creating great experiences.
Build your bot with zero coding efforts.
Create bots and forms with our intuitive chatbot builder. Integrate with your favorite tools with some clicks. Engage potential customers depending on the visitors state and choices.
Market your service with bot everywhere
Construct conversational landing pages and promote it on different channels like SMS, Email etc. Build messenger bots seamlessly and engage your facebook audience. Promote the bot constructed in all the channels.
Empower your sales team
Engage your Sales agents with rich data about the users so that they can start qualifying the conversations and convert
Omni Channel Platform


Build keyword based flow using chatgen bot builder and deploy it on Whatsapp


Construct bot in our dashboard and deploy on FB page in minutes


Handle agent conversation from your slack account

API Integration

For full customizability use our API integration and integrate your backend directly with our API
Integrate All your favourite apps
Some of the Best Features

Qualify leads with bots

Quality your leads with the bot 24/7 and route them to the right sales reps to convert these potential prospects to customers

Automatic Scheduling

Chatbot automatically schedules meets with sales representative as per their calender

Intelligent Routing

Route your best lead to your best performing sales representatives. Routing can happen at any stage based on the bot build construct

Extensive Analytics

Always monitor both the bot and agents performance with our extensive analytics provided on the dashboard

Easy CRM Integration

Quickly integrate with popular CRM platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Calender Integration

Fill your calender with qualifying lead meets and track your calender to ensure that no sales opportunities are missed

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