E-commerce chatbot for your online store and customer support
Boost your website engagement and automate support queries with chatbot for e-commerce on all platforms
No credit card required
increase in sales per quarter
wait time reduction
automated inquiries
load reduction on support team
Create an instant chatbot for your e-commerce store
E-commerce chatbots assists you in taking the workload of answering your customer queries and also help them buy your products in the chat 24/7
Customer support automation
Anytime, anywhere, let your customers
  • Track order
  • Cancel the order
  • Exchange the order
  • Refund status
  • Return the order
Lead generation automation
E-commerce chatbots can help you increase the revenue by capturing intent based lead details. This way rich intent based lead information can be used in your marketing enagagements for better conversions.
Improve Live agent's productivity
ChatGen has live chat support where a specific agent gets connected based on the request made
  • Help with returns, refunds & exchanges
  • Address & Delivery concern
  • Post chat feedback
Open a social online store to engage users on facebook with chatbot
Deploy Whatsapp e-commerce chatbot to engage users on Whatsapp and also provide instant solution to support queries
You can connect the users with support agents whenever the chatbot is not able to handle
Integrate rich lead data along with the lead attributes to your existing CRM
Ticketing system
For complex queries and also whenever no agent is available chatbot can collect the support query and create a ticket in your ticketing system
Marketing automation
Use the rich intent lead data attributes into your existing marketing engines for better click through rate and conversions
Let's make your user workflow smooth with e-commerce chatbot today
No credit card required
Easy setup