User information bot (Click to Conversation)

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020

In today’s high tech world, where everything is automated at a high pace and all the information is available just a click away, it becomes essential to match the speed when it comes to supporting your own employees. Using ChatGen, you can completely automate this process and make it easier for the employee in a most conversational and interactive way.        

Using ChatGen’s information bot, your employees can update all their basic details by choosing from the list of tasks like requesting pay-slips, updating details, applying for leaves, etc. In simple terms, the bot will act as a virtual assistant of the HR, and will be available 24*7.

The employees can simply use the bot to check leave balances or leave approval, if an employee wants to disclose his investment for taxation, even that detail can be captured by the bot using webhook and API’s. All these data can be stored and fetched from the organisation database. 

It’s not only about updating and checking the information but also a new dialog flow can be created for taking the feedback from the employees regarding the managers, policies or any other employee that too in a conversational way without capturing the name or any other details of the employee. A different bot can be created where if someone has to blow the whistle regarding an issue in the organisation, it can be captured. This can be monitored on a daily basis and in the case of some serious issue, it can also be routed to LIVE CHAT with the concerned team or directly to HR.

Bot Display

A. As a Landing Page

When we speak of an assistant that should be available 24*7 to all your employees, then it should be available for the employees at a click. ChatGen gives you the option of Landing page, all you have to do is share the URL of your HR bot with your employees, this can be done via email, SMS, slack or some other medium. As soon as the employee clicks on the URL, he/she will be routed to the landing page where they can engage with the chatbot for their issues/requirement related to the HR.


Similar landing page can be used differently to take the feedback of the employees. Automating these basic processes and making it easier and faster for the employee makes a very good impact and also helps HR.


B. As a ChatGen Link

Not only CLP, but there are other features using which you can help your employees to get into a conversation and do the needful via ChatGen; consider a scenario where one of your employees is having some issues and  he/she wants to raise a complaint regarding the same. For such cases mailing your managers is always an option but what if change the way? Using ChatGen link feature, you can make a button on your employee portal and a dialog flow can be linked to the button making it easier for your employees to have a chat with the bot and engage directly with the HR or the concerned team if needed.