How do you optimize your customer experience?

Kesar Rana
December 25, 2020

How do you optimize your customer experience?

December 25, 2020
by Kesar Rana

What is CX Optimization?

The way a user interacts with the company is known as customer experience. In customer experience the mode of communication can be anything such as online, email, and, phone. With every channel, there’s space for improvement or place of optimization. Customer experience optimization is the action of turning the weak points that are in the customer journey into strong ones which help increase brand loyalty and improve customer reviews. 

To first understand CX optimization, you should be familiar with what customer experience is. Customer experience goes far beyond a sign-up, a website visit, a purchase, or a customer service interaction. It includes your buyers’ experiences whenever they get in touch with your brand, be it completing a sign-off, buying a product, or watching your brand’s video. Customer experience comprises everything of brand interaction which reaches far and wide, and all-encompassing experiences that illustrate your customer’s understanding of your brand. 

Customer experience optimization is a whole picture approach to customer experience. It joins your brand statement and personality through all channels and the whole customer journey, to achieve quality and consistency in every interaction.

There are various types of optimization:-

1. Effect a Multi-Channel Experience: 

To get the most out of today’s technology, you have to take yours across channels because you might not know where your customers are. One important thing about customer experience is to be consistently good across those channels. Your customers should have the same impression on Instagram as they had on your website. 

2) Choose Responsibility

Select one person who should be responsible for providing a consistently good customer experience across channels. There can be many departments if your brand is big, but the assigned person should take responsibility for your customer experience. 

3) Focus on Mobile

85% of customers want to experience better service on mobile apps than the desktop site. Be sure your customer experience on mobile is up to par.

4) Require Consistency

Yup, digital cx is all about consistency. Your brand should be consistent across all channels- throughout the website, social media, videos, shopping cart, chat, and phone.

5) Don’t Forget To Analyze

Instead of just finding the data and collecting it, make sure to analyze it. Study statistics and figure out which parts need optimization and which parts are up to mark.

Step by Step Process To Optimize Your Customer Experience in 2021

With every passing second, technology is improving and new ways are created to optimize business and customer experiences. With so much happening all around, it’s becoming difficult to attract new customers and build loyalty with first-time users. With so many options around them, price and product aren’t the only things that are required to differentiate your brands from others. Your brand needs more than that. Apart from price and product, customer experience has become the third differentiator which is as important as the other two. 

Besides price and quality, users want companies to make personalized connections with them. Users look to emotionally connect with the brands. They want lots of TLC. That means you do have to work on optimizing cx for your users.

If you achieved the goal of providing them an impressive customer experience then you won the battle. Providing a good customer experience means that you grabbed a real deal. Digital Cx represents money. When you work on optimizing cx, you add revenue, lower costs and give a chance to your buyers to come back to you again and again. 

A good digital cx requires a powerful and consistent strategy that should be executed promptly. Many well-planned strategies fail because they lack consistency. 

Here are some of the ways that you can apply to optimize cx for your brand:

1. Review Where You’re Today

The first step to optimizing digital cx is to learn where your customer experience stands in the current time. It would be a waste to adopt the latest trend, creating and implementing the strategy when something else should have been done first. Your goal should be to focus on current objectives and make plans to interact with your buyers at every stage of the customer journey. Focus on all the channels that your customer uses and try to create a complete experience that works and functions well across all channels promptly. You have to work hard on creating and optimizing the digital cx that surpasses your customer’s expectations.

2. Learn More About Your Customers

There’s just a line of difference between what you deliver and what your customers ask of you. This thin line can make or break your customer experience. Hence, it’s important to know what your customer’s expectations are, and what they want from you?

These stats show how important it is to know about your customer:

  • 86% of customers want brands to allow them to choose a method of follow-up or proactive engagement. Only 37% of companies care about that.
  • About 60% of customers think that they’re talking to the same agent when they switch from web chat to a phone call. But only 1 in 5 contact centers share that expectation. 

In general, customers want three things from companies:

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  • To be remembered and recognized by the company.
  • To allow them to make choices
  • Companies should create moments of delight for them.

The customer journey mapping can help you to discover how customers choose to interact with your company. Regularly collect feedback from them through surveys, social media, or comments to learn more about their behavior, likes, and dislikes. After that, take one step at a time and you’ll be able to optimize digital cx in no time.

3. Figure Out How Your Customers Interact With You.

You can use analytics to find out what’s the preferred channel and mode of communication among your users. Then, plan out and create a strategy that builds upon customer data to optimize interactions across channels. The data can help you to create the experience that your customers want, instead of pushing them into an experience that you thought was best.

In a customer’s language, they want a simple, functional, easy-to-use, and enjoyable experience.

Sometimes a customer’s journey forgets about the enjoyable or the emotional connection part that plays a big role in turning a one-time user into a recurring one.

4. Study Your Metrics.

Companies use 3.31 key metrics that guide their businesses. Metrics include:

  • Abandon rate
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Average handle time 

A 20-minute call would be considered valuable if an agent successfully solves the problem. 

Whichever metric you choose to work with, make sure they help you discover what your customer expects from you. You can start by tracking what happened, then look through your customer’s point of view and see what they think had happened. It’ll help you by letting you know what they want as a result. 

5. Get Your Employees on Board.

Getting the right people to help your brand makes all the difference in creating the perfect experience for your customers. You can ask the applicants how they have created the right experiences for users. Let them know about your standards and make employee training a top priority.

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