Top 8 Insurance Lead Generation Tips For 2021

Kesar Rana
January 28, 2021

Top 8 Insurance Lead Generation Tips For 2021

January 28, 2021
by Kesar Rana

What Is Insurance Lead Generation?

Insurance lead generation is defined as an act that insurance experts implement by the means of various strategies that are meant to generate leads and attract more potential clients. Lead generation is one of the most important aspects in every industry, including the insurance sector. As lead generation is the key to have a full fledging insurance business. To attract more qualified leads towards you, you have to create every step of the buyer journey very strategically, while keeping your customers in mind. You have to plan the steps in such a way that every phase has a streamlined pipeline that provides information to the customers when they need it. 

Sales pipelines go hand in hand with the conversion funnel. The bottom part contains very potential leads that can likely turn into customers, while the top part contains the buyers who are ready to buy from you at any time. To generate leads, you have to fill the Sales pipeline as much as you can. This will result in consistently developing new leads that will stay with you for long. 

How To Get Insurance Leads?  

Start a Blog 

Blogging regularly is the simplest and easiest way to generate leads and publish content. Your target audience will likely find you more through your blogs if you provide the information and answers to their questions. It’s also a way to show off your expertise to your customers.

Establish Lead Generation Goals 

If you want to generate more leads, you will have to set target specific goals that generate leads. Make sure that your goals are attainable and specific according to your business requirements. Like, I want to generate 4 leads at the end of the month or I will cold call to 10 possible prospects. 

Ask For Referrals

Word of mouth and testimonials go a long way when it comes to generating leads from them. People believe in testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals more than any other method. Sometimes, it’s tough to get referrals when you’re new and your client list is small. You can try to get an introduction from potential clients for example from your colleagues, family, or friends. Try to build an exit survey when clients leave to look for areas of improvement.

Be Active In Your Community

Being active in your local community helps you to build a reputation as a friendly and kind member of your community. You can be active in your community by doing things like:

  • Advising local charities on their insurance purchases.
  • Hosting insurance seminars for small business owners.
  • Taking part in area meetups or online forums.
  • Offering to be a guest speaker for business groups.
  • Assisting clients’ friends or relatives when appropriate.

The above-mentioned things will help you to build a reputation and your prospects will keep you in mind when they will need your service. 

Try Traditional Techniques 

Some old school tricks still work, such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Collaborating with your local restaurants and offer their gift certificates to weekly winners
  • Do advertising in industry trade magazines

Incorporate New Techniques 

Having your website that showcases your business helps you to generate leads. You can include the latest features in your website, like:

  • Adding a “Get a Quote” button or newsletter signup
  • Put a contact form on every page of your website
  • Include testimonials to strengthen your credibility
  • Compare business insurance quotes for insurance professionals

These things will help you to capture more leads and eventually will grow your client lists. 

Start a Referral Program

Reminding your clients to refer you now and then is also a great way to generate leads. To strengthen, you can launch referral programs. And, giving them encouragement in the form of gift cards, referral fees, or movie tickets. 

Network Relentlessly 

Networking is not a tough task and if done properly it can yield great results in no time. You can start doing networking by:

  • Joining your chamber of commerce.
  • Attending meetup groups and networking events.
  • Getting active on social media.
  • Connecting with your alumni association.

How Does ChatGen Help You To Generate Insurance Leads — Our Unique Way Of Approaching The Issue?

Chat On The Website:

If for some ways you are unable to chat with your target audience then there are high chances that you are losing leads. It can be also tough to sit all day and track the possible leads. Our ChatGen Chatbot collects all the customer details that visit your website and you can use the data to provide quiet or talk to them. ChatGen Chatbot can be integrated with Facebook Messenger. The prospect can directly have a chat with the Chatbot and seek answers to the questions related to the offer. 

Facebook Ads :

ChatGen Chatbots can help you to drive leads from Facebook ads straight to your messenger chat. There you can interact with them to educate them and close the leads. We help you to reduce cost per lead, and you don’t have to rely on forms that many people don’t fill. Users are directly taken to messenger for your business page when they click the call to action button. Running Facebook ads through chatbots is a great way to reduce the dropdown rate and it’s also more likely that all the leads will be converted into users. 

Reply To Comments via ChatGen Chatbot:

ChatGen Chatbots helps you to reply to all the comments that are made on your Facebook page via messenger. It can be used to send them personalized comments, thank them for commenting and you can also ask them if they need any help. 


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