Chatgen WordPress Integration

Faisal Sayed
Faisal Sayed
December 9, 2020

Chatgen WordPress Integration

December 9, 2020
by Faisal Sayed

What’s Chatgen you ask?
Chatgen’s an advanced LIVE ChatBot platform where you have the power to build your ChatBot in minutes without any coding experience. Chatgen automates chats, qualify leads and also switches between Bot and live agents as per your requirements. With an easy integration process when it comes to WordPress this is the business enhancer you have been looking for.

Let’s take a look at the installation process-

New to Chatgen?

Follow these steps:
1. Visit the Chatgen homepage and enter your email address to sign up.
2. Visit your WordPress site and login into your Admin section.
3. Follow the instructions below.

Have a Chatgen account?
1) Login to your WordPress Admin section, select the Add New screen under Plugins and search for Chatgen.

2) Select the Chatgen WordPress plugin and click on Install now.

3) After installation you’ll find an Activate button in place of install, click on the Activate button.

4) Now go to Widget in the Chatgen dashboard and copy the script under install Chatgen.

5) Return to the WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Chatgen’ under settings.

6) Paste the widget code into the snippet section, enable the Live chat option and click on save changes.

7) You’re done! Yay!!!

For more support on installation

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