A guide to nlp bots in 2021

Priyanka Bhaskar
January 6, 2021

A guide to nlp bots in 2021

January 6, 2021
by Priyanka Bhaskar

Internet is the new home, and chatbots, our new 3-am friends! 

Unlike the buggy and stilt chatbots of the good old days, the present-day chatbots are sleek and dynamic. Yes, We are talking about the advanced NLP-based bots. These intelligent AI-based bots of today are adept at performing and delivering successful results.

‘According to Statistics, the chatbot market will reach around 1.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2025’

With the advent of Conversational AI and NLP, chatbots have become smarter and dynamic. Every chatbot is different. Be it the “i-make-and-follow-my-own-rules” Rule-based bot or an NLP-based bot. Understanding how they work is crucial, as they are the frontline representatives of your company.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)? 

Natural Language Processing is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence or AI that simplifies the communication between humans and machines. NLP technology helps computers understand the natural human language. It is also a subfield of machine learning, which uses different statistical models and algorithms that enable a computer to perform tasks nobody thought could even be accomplished.

What is an NLP chatbot?

In simple words, chatbots that rely on Artificial Intelligence and NLP are classified as NLP chatbots. These bots are first ‘TRAINED’ to converse like human beings through machine learning. The chatbots undergo several interactions and multiple conversations to get a broader understanding of the human language. Later, with the help of NLP, these chatbots self learn from various user inputs.

Without further ado, let us get to the nucleus of how these intelligent bots work.

How do NLP chatbots work?

1. Utterance

An utterance is a user’s input. It can be anything from alphabets, numbers to special characters. 

2. Intent-Recognition

Intent is nothing but a goal or an intention of a particular user. For example, if a user types, ‘ search me a hotel room in New York ‘, NLP helps the chatbot chop down the input into pieces and eliminates any punctuation. This chopping of the user input is called tokenization, and we term the broken pieces as tokens.


Next, the chatbot omits any misspellings, typos, or slangs in the text and converts it into a ‘standard’ or ‘normal’ format.

4. Entity-Recognition

Entities are categories like date, time, location, type of object. For example, in the above text, New York is an entity. 

5. Dependency Parsing

In this step, the bot cleaves the text into different parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrases, and clauses. 

6. Response Generation

Based on the user input and all the data processing, the chatbot generates the most appropriate response for a user’s inquiry. 

7. Session

A conversation frame from beginning to the end is termed as one session. 

Difference between NLP and other chatbots:

NLP Vs. Rule-based Bots:

Rule-based bots are the archaic type of bots that work on a pre-defined set of rules. The user’s input has to adhere to the pre-set rules of the bots to get an answer. Generally, in such cases, buttons are used as input from the user side. Another name for rule-based bots is menu/button based bots. 

The major components that separate NLP from Rule-based bots are intelligent capabilities and their use cases.

Chatbots that use NLP have a more excellent scope like customer support, healthcare bots, HR bots, lead generation, and many more. Because of their conversational trait, they are more suitable for a wider range of tasks to be performed. 

Apart from accepting user inputs in a natural language, these intelligent bots understand what a user’s goal is. These bots are a boon since they can self learn the natural language without any programming requirements. 

Salient Features/Benefits of an NLP Bot:

Natural Language Processing:

The technology that allows these bots to function across diverse industries with the help of semantics, language structures, and parts of speech help them in converting unstructured data into a structured one.

Reinforcement Learning:

With reinforcement learning, a chatbot develops its ability to respond in more suitable ways based on past interactions. They learn, store, and apply human language in a more well-bred manner. 

Dialog Management:

An attribute that follows conversational ai, makes all the conversations more human and intriguing. These bots are smart enough to memorize a visitor’s name, past conversation history, making them highly adept. It puts ‘CHAT’ in the chatbot, quite literally! 

Higher Customer Satisfaction:

Millennials and Gen Z believes in instant replies, and neither of them wants to wait for the long tiresome conversations. They seek instant solutions for all their queries, and this is where these intelligent bots come to the rescue.

Cost Reduction:

NLP bots can cut down the wages of human labor required for repetitive tasks. Also, they can handle infinite queries/conversations simultaneously without getting tired like a human body. 

Our Esteemed Clients:

1. The ELS Golf Club

The golf paradise is also known for its exuberant lifestyle experience. Adding to that, it is one of the most successful companies in Malaysia and holds a spectacular position in the hospitality industry. Even after having huge traffic on their website, the leads generated were not up to their requirements. Chatgen’s Conversational Campaign Landing Page solution helped them generate quality and 20% more leads. 

2. Puraniks

A popular real estate brand in Mumbai was failing to increase the engagement of its website visitors and increase leads. Chatgen’s 24*7 bot deployment helped them increase their lead generation by 66% by handling various queries about all available property, their configuration, property, etc.  

We, at ChatGen, take pride in building both click-based and pioneering workflow-based chatbots. We have and do work with organizations from a diverse and wide range of backgrounds. We equip our smart bots with features such as automatic scheduling, intelligent routing, extensive analytics, CRM integration, and a host of other features.

We have an experienced team of IIT’s, IIM’s, and experts from E-commerce. To date, we have delivered many chatbots in the marketplace to reputed organizations such as Eureka Forbes, Tata Value Home loans, Thyrocare, PC Jeweller, Senco Gold, and many more.

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