Product Search and purchase bot

Prasanth Sai
December 12, 2020


In an ecommerce website where tons of items are available it becomes difficult for a user to get what they are looking for and so it’s important for us to make their process as comfortable as possible. ChatGen can ask a predetermined set of questions thereby directing the user to a specific set of products and letting them have the option to choose for themselves. 

Your user does not have to go through the non interactive interface as they can directly use the chatbot to find the products of their desire. When a customer enters your website the chatbot will start the conversation with a greeting message and asks them what they’re looking for along with the button options like books, mobiles, jewellery, etc. Now when the user clicks on a button the bot will move to the next set of questions, here let’s consider the user decides to go with mobiles, once the mobiles button is clicked it then asks questions like the system requirements, iOS or Android, now if the user clicks on iOS then they’ll be asked for the ram and few more requirements, once there’s enough details the bot will display phones which have satisfied all the previous conditions and makes sure the user gets the list of those mobiles to choose from.