Conversational Landing Pages to improve your PPC

Faisal Sayed
December 12, 2020

In this highly digital world where everything is available at a click, expecting a user to fill out forms and collect details are outdated. A user naturally expects the same when they land on a PPC campaign and a chatbot does exactly this for you. Talking to a smart chatbot is like conversing with a human and that’s why chatbot-based landing pages get high engagement rate that eventually leads to a high conversion rate.  Conversational platforms are used to increase traffic for a successful PPC campaign at a very low cost.

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A huge benefit that conversational landing pages have over traditional web-forms is that they are the best fit to answer general queries of the visitors and educate them regarding a product or service. Chatbots can be created in a highly goal oriented way to get the results we require . If a visitor disconnects between a conversation, chatbots can ask and save the user details which can be used to reach out to them while these can also give an insight of where the visitors are dropping off.

A PPC campaign can be a hit or miss depending upon the personalization. Chatbots have the power to converse like a human and make it a seamless process for the visitor because when you approach visitors in a more human way as it becomes easier for them to answer using buttons and boost a PPC campaign. In a generation where almost every age group use chatting apps, you having a conversational landing page the customer will know exactly what to do.