Integration Partners

Companies or developers can build custom integrations or bots using Chatgen’s development platform.
You can publish the app on your site on a specific store and promote it.

You can publish the app on your site on a specific store and promote it.



Businesses who are into marketing services, lead generation, sales consulting, system integration and also web-development.

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Reseller Partnership
Successful Collaboration will lead to a better growth

Why should you partner with us ?

  1. Adding conversational marketing to your client website so that their
    leads conversion cycle can be drastically improved
  2. Build a new revenue stream of your business with conversational marketing
  3. Earn 30% revenue share
  4. constant support from chatgen team to help your clients build conversational marketing

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Why we would be a good fit for you ?

  1. ChatGen is a perfect fit if your company provides services in atleast one of Lead Generation,
    Account Based Marketing,
    Inbound Marketing,
    Paid Acquisition Website Design,
    Sales Consulting & System Integrations.
  2. If your business services B2B clients
  3. If your company helps companies with agent chat customer support.