Slack Support

Sambasiva Rao
Sambasiva Rao
March 8, 2021

Contact our support team for any query regarding your ChatGen – Slack integration at

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Usually, we try to reply within 24 hours of raising a ticket. But in some cases, it may take us more than that to come up with the resolution.


Integrate ChatGen with Slack

Sambasiva Rao
Sambasiva Rao
February 16, 2021

If you spend a large fraction of your time on Slack and would like to reply to your bot visitors from Slack itself, you will love to use the Chatgen Slack app.

ChatGen-Slack integration is available from the business pro plan and onwards.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to integrate Slack with your chatgen accounts (assuming you have plan higher than business pro):

  1. Go to settings > Integrations > Slack

    Here, if your plan supports Slack integration, you will be able to see and click on the Slack option. Click on the Slack option here.

  2. Click on connect button

  3. Select an appropriate public channel where you would like to receive updates in Slack.

    All new conversations will be posted on this channel along with the summary. This channel will be your go-to place to keep updated with all the chatgen conversations.

  4. Done!!! Hoorray!

Congrats! You have successfully integrated ChatGen with Slack. Whenever a new conversation is started from a widget or CLP, you will get notified in the selected channel like below…

You can reply to this conversation by clicking on the link starting with #z-visitor preceded by Reply via Slack text.

Clicking on that option will create a new channel and open the same.

Note: agent should have the same email as registered in the chatgen account. A Slack user who is not part of the chatgen account can’t reply to the conversation of the same.