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we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the Intercom team as they have built a great product for helping the businesses. Speaking of chatbots and if you are evaluating and looking for a comparison between Chatgen vs Intercom, you’re at the right place. Have a look here and decide for yourself.
Stay amazed as you’re already at the right place to engage more of your customers/visitors into conversation. and visitors into conversation.
What is difference between

Chatgen & Intercom

Intercom has been developed by focusing mainly on the Live chat option for support while the team of ChatGen has built a hybrid conversational platform to automate the sales and marketing process for companies to enhance their business process.
So here you’re looking at a product that engages with your website visitors even when you sleep making sure it generates leads and solves their queries related to the business and if you also want Live chat we already have it covered as ChatGen’s hybrid nature allows you to route the visitors who match your required conditions to start the live chat.
The Major Reason why companies use
#1- Integration with CRMs
As ChatGen takes care of collecting leads for you, we understand it is important to store them to your branded CRMs so we have made sure that the process is as seamless as possible. Popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshsales, etc. can be integrated to ChatGen, along with the popular CRMs if you have a custom or inbuilt CRM they can be easily integrated as well through Chatgen APIs. Google Analytics has become an important part when it comes to analyzing the promotions and it is possible to integrate Google Analytics to your chat widget to track the complete journey
#2- Conversational Analysis report
Being specifically designed for sales and marketing it is very important to understand where the users are dropping off. ChatGen’s advanced conversational report allows you to have a detailed view on every node about how many people have reached a particular node, how many have continued, etc. This allows the admin to have control over the flow to make changes in the dialogue and create relevant content to have a successful conversation.
#3- Bot performance reports
Just having a conversational report is not enough, it’s required to know how many users are chatting with the bot, how many are getting converted, etc. With the detailed report, it is possible to understand whether an agent was in contact with the user apart from the bot and if an agent was in contact then who was it, etc. It is also possible to export all the details and view it in Excel to make sure that you have every little information. With an easy to understand dashboard with details like missed chats, leads generated, conversations, etc. ChatGen makes sure you don’t miss anything.
#4- FB bots Integration
With Facebook enjoying huge traffic, Facebook messenger is preferred by a vast majority and has become a popular application. It is easily possible to integrate ChatGen with messenger making sure your visitors are engaged right from the beginning. With this integration, you can easily provide support through your facebook page as a brand and increase your opportunity to reach millions and collect more leads.
#5- Feature-rich custom bots in offline hours
In this highly digital world, it is very important to make sure that the business is online 24x7 and it might not be possible every time. With ChatGen at your disposal, it will make sure that the bot is available 24x7 on your website as it will be interacting with your visitors and collecting leads.
#6- Intelligent Routing and Meet Scheduling
Every business has more than one team and every user probably would have a different query. Neither can the sales team solve a technical problem and nor can a technical team solve a sales-related issue. So ChatGen allows you to route the visitor to the appropriate person, making sure the problems are always solved. If your user wants to book a meeting to know more or to get a demo of your product, you can integrate your agent’s google calendar with ChatGen and it will take care of the rest. When a meeting is booked by the user, a notification would be sent to both parties for confirmation.
#7- Conversation Landing pages
Since sales and marketing are not limited to one’s website nowadays due to the promotional campaigns and advertisements, capturing leads from these campaigns would change the aspect of promotions completely. The Campaign Landing Page (CLP) can help you with generating more revenue by engaging your visitors from platforms like email, SMS marketing, social media accounts, etc. This way CLP can take care of all the promotions for maximum effect. Along with CLP the Embed bot is also an attraction of ChatGen. Here the bot will be embedded in the middle of the page where it starts chatting once the user reaches that section and they would be able to interact with it. This is highly attractive in blog pages where the relevant bot accoring to the content can be displayed.
#8- Webhooks
ChatGen is better when it comes to Sales, Marketing and post Sales queries. Let’s consider a common example for better understanding- assume that an e-commerce website order tracking becomes one of the basic requirements for your customers. Using the Webhook and API we can pull this data automatically and everything can be shared with the visitor in a conversational way through ChatGen.
#9- Automating queries consultancy from Data science team
A Natural Language Processing(NLP) bot requires data of the users about how the customers are responding to your queries. Here the bot flow will be created by understanding the user input to generate the best results possible. Our team with an experience of over 4 years will help you collect the data and create the custom bot making sure the flow is as effortless as possible.
#10- Click to Conversation
A web page will have many different parts and each part will have a different content. To understand, Click to Conversation let’s take an example of an E-commerce site. Consider there are two icons product icon and support icon, so if a person clicks on product icon then a different bot would be displayed than the one when/If one clicks on the support icon. The bot will be displayed when someone clicks on the appropriate button, here in this case the bot will be displayed on the same page. Provision to have a different bot on different pages for example support bot on the support page of your website and similarly lead generation bot on the product page is given. With ChatGen you can create more than one bot from the dashboard and can deploy different bots in different web pages.


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