How chatgen differ from freshchatHow chatgen differ from freshchat
Chatgen v/s FreshChat
intoduction firstly
we’d like to take a moment for the Freshchat team and acknowledge that they have built a great product for helping the businesses. Speaking of chatbots and if you are looking for an alternative for Freshchat, or maybe you are evaluating Chatgen vs Freshchat.
Stay amazed as you’re already at the right place to engage more of your customers/visitors into conversation. and visitors into conversation.
What is difference between

Chatgen & Freshchat

Primarily, Freshchat team developed the software to focus on Live chat support features, while the founding team of ChatGen has been building a conversational hybrid platform for the companies, helping the businesses to automate their sales and marketing process.
So if you're looking for a product that can engage your website visitors into conversations, or generate leads, or provide 24*7 support to your customers by solving their basic queries related to your business, then I would say, stop your hunt as you already are in the right place.
The Major Reason why companies use
#1- ChatGen is primarily a pull bot and then a secondary support bot
We built the platform to initiate the conversation with the site visitors, making it simpler for the buyer to engage with you, knowing your products and services. From our experience from working with sales and marketing teams of various companies, we know that conversation is the best and the fastest way for generating leads and in turn increasing your revenue. Freshchat was however built to address support chat, which usually is for support queries
#2- Integration with various CRMs and Google Analytics
As we are an automation for the sales and marketing process, we understand the modern tech requirements, so we built integrations to sync the leads captured by ChatGen to branded CRMs like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Hubspot, Zoho etc even custom or inbuilt CRMs. Analytics becomes a major part when you use a new system to automate your process of sales and marketing, Google analytics can be easily integrated to ChatGen, wherein you can analyse the promotions that you are doing through ChatGen
#3- Report building for sales and marketing team
One of the limitations for Freshchat not being specifically designed for sales and marketing is their report, Yes, ChatGen gives you analytical reports for the conversations happened through ChatGen, a detailed report for the meetings, leads, missed chats, visitors, not only this but using ChatGen you can also test the dialogs you created, not only that you can also identify a drop off in the conversation, understand what your customer is asking and create relevant content to have a good conversation and improve the tactics across your sales team. Checkout this blog for more information.
#4- Generating leads from platforms other than your website
Website is the digital face of your business, but being in sales and marketing you always need to get the leads from other sources as well, you cannot be dependent on your website traffic. ChatGen’s Campaign Landing Page (CLP) can help you get more leads in turn generating more revenue for your business from other marketing platforms like email, SMS marketing, social media accounts etc. You can also embed a bot on your website or on your blog page to attract the visitors and engage them into conversations.
#5- Facebook messenger Integration
Facebook messenger is a chat application preferred by a major population of the world, ChatGen being an expert in sales and marketing automation can easily be integrated to facebook messenger, giving your visitors the comfort to engage with the brand from the messenger. Generate the leads and provide support on facebook messenger through Chatgen dashboard, increase your reach to millions, get more engagements and conversions.
#6- Slack Integration
In this highly competitive corporate world we already use various technologies and softwares like CRMs for storing the data, CMS for managing the content, Slack for internal discussions and many other softwares and technologies. ChatGen makes it easier for you by helping you with the integrations and Slack is one of them. You can integrate your slack account with ChatGen and make it simpler for your agents to chat with the visitors through slack itself. All the chats and leads will get stored in the ChatGen dashboard for you to access the data and analyse it.
#7- Webhook and APIs
We have had a lot of discussion about chatbots, as explained about the pull bot and the support bot, Freshchat is more of a support bot and is definitely a good product, but ChatGen is better when it comes to Sales, Marketing and post Sales queries. Let’s consider a common example for better understanding- assuming an e-commerce website order tracking becomes one of the basic requirements of your customers. Using the webhook and API we can pull this data automatically and everything can be shared with the visitor in a conversational way through ChatGen.
#8- Automating queries consultancy from Data science team
A Natural Language Processing(NLP) bot requires data of the users about how the customers are responding to your queries. Here the bot flow will be created by understanding the user input to generate the best results possible. With creating over 20+ custom bots and analysing thousands of user data, ChatGen team will help you to create the best possible conversation flow making sure that you get the maximum benefits.


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