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Chatgen v/s Drift
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we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the Drift team for building a great product for helping the businesses. Speaking of chatbots and if you are looking for an alternative for Drift, or maybe you are evaluating Chatgen vs Drift.
Stay amazed as you’re already at the right place to engage more of your customers/visitors into conversation. and visitors into conversation.
What is difference between

Chatgen & Drift

Feature Rich bots, Smart booking, the latest Facebook messenger bot and many more, have a look at ChatGen’s incredible features.
The Major Reason why companies use
#1- Smart Booking
Surely a firm will have different departments and each one provides a different value (Example Personal Loan selling, Credit Card selling etc) . When a visitor enters the fray, their requirements can be vast. Each visitor will have a different query and their issues probably will need to be addressed by people of different departments. ChatGen allows you to integrate more than one calendar into one dialogue flow making sure the calendar of appropriate person is being displayed and the user can select their preferred date and time. This way not only the meetings are booked but also it has been made sure that only the appropriate person has to interact with the visitor in the meeting.
#2- Feature Rich Bot Builders
It is vital for a flow to be attractive enough to catch the attention of a visitor and ChatGen’s rich bot builders come to your rescue. With the very attractive carousels of ChatGen, having the capability of providing all the required details in the most attractive and visual way, this makes sure that your information is conveyed and the user is always impressed. Along with Carousel, the rating node is another feature you’ll want to know about. Consider you have embedded a bot in a blog and you want to understand how the users are liking it, the rating node allows you to collect a rating from the user and not just that you’ll be able to continue the flow making sure you collect all the details you need.
#3- Facebook Messenger Bots and Reports
Knowing the magnitude of facebook messenger, we have even got it covered for you. Using Chatgen, one can build a messenger bot in minutes and can easily integrate it to your facebook page making sure your page visitors are engaged from the very beginning and leads are being captured. The personalized touch will make them feel comfortable and also make sure that they don’t have to wait for a response. Statistics are very important when we use technology, hence ChatGen provides you with stats specifically about facebook messenger bot like the number of conversations, leads captured and many more.
#4- Intelligent Conversation Routing from Pro package
When a user enters your site with multiple queries it is not possible to direct everyone to one person because he or she may not have all the answers. With the intelligent routing option ChatGen takes care of this. Like, if the visitors have reached a section of the flow with respect to pricing they can be directed to the sales team and if they are on the features section they can be routed to the product team. This way there will never be any mixup and the internal process becomes seamless.
#5- Custom Bot Builder with NLP
With the experience of creating over 20+ NLP bots, the data science team of ChatGen will collect the data with your consent and will show the roadmap of building a NLP based chatbot to automate your free text pre sales queries.
#6- Chat Seats Included
With this incredible feature, you’ll be able to add more than one agent and have the responsibility shared among them. At this point Drift allows you to have just one agent but with us, you can add more and more agents as per your package making sure that the leads are attended by your agents.


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